Sign our “Bidenomics is BADenomics” Declaration today. 

YES! “Bidenomics is BADenomics”!  I will help hold Sen. Baldwin and Biden accountable!

NO! I like arbitrary, big government interventions in the economy that raise prices and stress for all Americans. I’m apathetic and won’t lift a finger on any keyboard to change the status quo.

It’s a short, crystal clear message for Sen. Baldwin and all of Biden’s team. 

We’re building a movement, and we want failed Bidenomics ended for good.

Is President Biden's Economic Bragging … Believable? 

Joe Biden loves this economy so much he’s named it after himself—Bidenomics.

The Reality Check: 

Hardworking Americans are spending more and getting less. 40-year high inflation and tripled interest rates mean loans are more costly, life savings are disappearing, and retirement accounts are whipsawed in a volatile market trying to keep up with whatever is Biden’s next big government intervention. 

The Fallout:

President Biden's debt-fueled inflation has exploded borrowing costs, pushing us towards a global recession. Look at the facts:

  • Businesses – the backbone of so many communities – are reducing investments, plunging markets, and eroding the retirement funds of millions.
  • Hardworking Americans – already stretched thin – are forced to choose between filling their gas tank or buying groceries.
  • In fact, according to one study, Sen. Baldwin and Bidenomics are costing Wisconsin families $22,000 more.

The turning point:

But there's a better path forward, one rooted in common sense economics and individual empowerment.  

It's time to prioritize the needs of Americans, to help them realize their own American Dreams instead of Biden’s big government overreach and intervention.

The Call to Action:

It's time for accountability. Bidenomics isn't the solution; it's the problem.  

Your Senator, Tammy Baldwin, must be held accountable.  We need a movement of people ready to cry “shame!” to Sen. Baldwin's votes for $5.5 TRILLION in Bidenomics big government spending binge.

Sen. Baldwin voted for ALL of Biden’s failed economic policies:

Lower inflation by ending wasteful spending and cutting government red tape 

Unleash energy abundance by breaking barriers to domestic energy production 

Empower the workforce by providing people with freedom and flexibility to work where and how they want 

Join the movement:

Let's demand better from Sen. Baldwin. 

Americans for Prosperity is the united voice of millions of concerned citizens like you who want freedom and opportunity to win.   

We have activists across the country, including 145 organized teams in 36 states, including yours, who you can join to hold Sen. Baldwin accountable and end the costly mistakes of Bidenomics. 

Together, we can reignite the American Dream. 

And your Senator, Tammy Baldwin, loves Bidenomics so much she voted for all $5.5 TRILLION of the Bidenomics big government binge.

  • “American Rescue Plan”
  • “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act”
  • “Inflation Reduction Act”
  • “CHIPS and Science Act”

Sen. Baldwin could have done better.

Prosperity is possible. We have real solutions, ready to: 

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